At Sensory World, we know and understand the struggle, pain, and anxiety experienced while caring for a loved one with special needs. In a city where autism is largely unacknowledged, our goal is to expand the accessibility of sensory resources from online, to the touch of your hands,  and in the comfort of your own home.

As experts working in special education, we see the need to discover the unsolved pieces to your never ending puzzle.  Let us help you by supporting our efforts as the first sensory relief store in Tennessee!  Sensory World provides sensory relief to children and adults with Autism and other special needs far beyond the classroom and therapy centers with our products and unique shopping environment.  

Parents of children with Autism have it hard enough with all the extra expenses added to life. This is why we have created a central location where we provide a comfortable,  judgement-free, hands-on shopping environment, stocked with sensory relief at a reasonable price. We provide all the necessities for daily life with special needs in one location.  In addition, Sensory World provides free sensory stimulation as parents shop.  Because people with disabilities need their own safe haven,  we are here.

Sensory Integration
Children and adults with autism, as well as those with other developmental disabilities, may have a dysfunctional sensory system.

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Sensory Room
Our sensory room provides free sensory stimulation for your children while you shop.

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What is Autism?
Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a complex set of neurological disorders ...

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Early Signs of Autism
Every child is different and every child develops at his or her own pace.

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A list of many resources for individuals with special needs in Tennessee and Mississippi.

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About Us
Sensory World Memphis is owned and operated by Justin Gibbs and Jeremy Whitley ...

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