Large Seat Air Cushion


The CanDo Vestibular Sitting Wedge is an inflatable wedge that is great for children. The wedge promotes sitting in an “active” position to keep your child engaged and alert during the long sitting periods of reading, writing homework, or listening to lessons at school. Continued use of the wedge promotes better balance, improved concentration and reduced stress. Easily adjust the inflation intensity by inflating or deflating the wedge to customize your sitting experience.

Features a smooth side, and a nubby side for gentle massage and added traction. This product is ideal for children who have difficulty sitting for long periods of time. Easily add the wedge to your child’s daily routine at home, school, or on the go. The CanDo Vestibular Sitting Wedge is available in two sizes: large 15″ which is best for adult use, and small 10″ which is best for children use. Inflates with a standard pump (not included).

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