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So what is the Yepzon? It’s a small GPS and Bluetooth enabled locator device that connects to your smartphone via a companion app, allowing users to track virtually anything as long as the Yepzon is turned on. It comes with a strap to be worn around the neck or you can store in bags or pockets, the glove compartment of your car etc and through the app users can get accurate location information on the whereabouts of the little device. It also has embedded NFC technology for easier pairing with Android devices, although it also works with Windows and iOS and can be paired via Bluetooth. The app itself also serves as a means to turn on the Yepzon device as it holds no power buttons itself, so it looks like little more than a piece of jewelry. The device can also activate itself on its own if it senses movement.

Those worried about sensitive data can rest easy as the Yepzon is said to store no personal data of any kind and no personal data is collected by the app, and should it find its way into more of a wet climate, this is OK too as the Yepzon is completely waterproof. The Yepzon boasts weeks to months of battery life depending on the frequency of use, and when it needs a charge the user is notified via the app making the battery life issue worry free. Using the Yepzon Cloud, users can also modify how often the device pings a location (how often it updates) allowing for some customization based on personal needs. For example, if you use it to keep track on the whereabouts of your kids, you can set it to update the location more often, or if you prefer you can use the app to also turn it off if it won’t be in use for a specific period of time.

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